Refund Status After Filing

After filing with TaxRecover, you can check on your federal tax refund status anytime just by knowing 3 basic things. First, you will need to know your social security number followed by your filing status and the exact refund amount of your federal tax returns on 1040 page 2 lower half (Inside your tax copies). You may track your refund within 72 hours after the tax preparer e-filed your returns or if mailed, then it’s 4 weeks. Most refunds will take less than 21 days after e-filing to clear.  It’s possible that your tax returns may require additional review by the IRS and it will take longer.

Important! You should call the IRS if it has been more than 21 days after filing electronically, more than 6 weeks after mailing in your papers or if when checking your refund status the IRS says to contact them.

Let’s check your federal refund status!


For the state refund status please visit your state’s website. Ones on the website they provide,  search for “where’s my refund”. Then you may fill up the information required. SSN, filing status, and state refund amount. Below are some states. If your state is not below, please do a search online. Example of what to write on the search engine: “New York where’s my refund”. Or, Watch the video below. If still need help, please contact our office today! 

Let’s check your state refund status!