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How long should it take to get my refund after filing?
Normally, it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get your refund. In some cases, The IRS will send you a letter asking to verify your identity or need proof of kids and income. No big deal, just bring the letter to us so we can take care of you. Tip: You can upload the letter on “My Secured Files” page for easier and faster respond. Log in your account using a smartphone and take a picture of the letter.
How do I receive my state refund?
Normally, your state refund will be directly deposited into your bank account in 2 to 3 weeks or if you prefer a check mailed to your home. You may visit your state’s website for refund status by doing a search online, here is an example: “Rhode Island refund status” and fill in the information required. SSN, filing status, and state refund amount.
How do I receive my federal refund?
Normally, your federal refund will be directly deposited into your bank account for a faster and more reliable way! Or the check is mailed to your home between 2 to 3 weeks.
How can I check if my federal refund is ready?
You can visit Where Is My Refund page for more details of status.
How far is the TaxRecover office from Mohegan Sun Casino?
Our office is 2 minutes from Mohegan Sun Casino. Follow this link for directions. MAP
What is the address of the tax office?
Our tax preparation office address is 146 Park Avenue Ext Uncasville, CT 06382 or use Montville CT 06353. We service all USA states with their tax refunds. Call us and see!
What forms should I bring with me to the appointment or upload?

* Photo identification (Drivers Lic or ID)
* Social Security cards from all members (Kids & Spouse)
* Last year’s tax returns
* Income statements or forms like W-2, Interest (Form 1099-INT), Dividends (Form 1099-DIV), Sale of stock (1099-B), Retirement Plans( Form 1099-R), Gambling Winnings (Form W-2G), Unemployment (Form 1099-G), Social Security Benefits (Form SSA), Miscellaneous income (1099-MISC).
* Tuition expenses for university, college, or technical college (Form 1098-T)
* Interest statements for student loans (Form 1098-E)
* IRA contributions
* Records of expenses you may wish to deduct, such as Out-of-pocket medical expenses, Non-cash donations, Cash donations, Vehicle license tabs, Property taxes paid, Job-related moving expenses, Uniform costs, Daycare expenses
* If you have a Home Mortgage bring the interest paid (Form 1098) from the mortgage company

Where do I park my car when I arrive at the office for my appointment?
We have 2 car parking spaces behind our cars and on-street parking is fine too. Basically, anywhere on our property. This is also a home so welcome home.
How can I cancel my appointment?
Please call us at 860.440.7575. We can help.
Why is having an account with us important?
Having an account will allow you to upload documents for the tax preparer safely & securely for faster service or for a quick tax return quote. Stay home and get your free refund amount or e-file. When you are ready to file with us we will email you the signature pages and an invoice payment to complete the e-filing process electronically. You will never need to leave your home. We will then upload your tax copies for you to have. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HOW TO UPLOAD PAPERS You can also book an appointment faster, update your information and make changes to your recently booked appointment.
Why register on TaxRecover's website?
Creating future appointments become easier. You will have access to your online account where you can upload your documents and paper forms safely and securely, this will save you time at the office or if you are miles away. You will have access to all your tax copies year after year.
What information do you need from me to register?
Simply your first and last name, email address, phone number so we can reach you about your refund & a strong password.
Is uploading my documents for the tax preparer safe?
Yes! Your privacy and paperwork are very important to us. Our website is encrypted for your protection. Our system is safe and secured to upload paperwork before or after visiting the office. Upload Now!
Where can I find the Upload Files button and how to use it?
You can find the Upload Files button on your account page when logging in. Uploading paperwork is easier when logging in using your cell phone’s camera to snap a picture of your documents or paperwork. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HOW TO UPLOAD PAPERS.
Can I bring more referrals for more cash?
Yes, more referrals more cash as long as they are new clients in our system and they complete the filing process.
Can I collect money every year for the same referral that I brought in last year?
No, a referral is a one-time payment only.
When do I get paid for my referral?
Cash the same day. Just bring them with you or swing by anytime. Your referral money can also reduce your filing fee, applying a discount for the current year or next year, depending on if you already filed with us.
Can I book an appointment using Social Media?
Yes, you can send us a message using one of our social media pages to book an appointment. We service all USA states with their tax refunds.
Why should I follow you on Facebook or any other social media page?
By following us, you will be connected to us for updates or questions you could have about your taxes. Questions about your refund and many more… Like Us TODAY!
I have a business on my personal tax returns, do you do business tax returns as well?
Yes, we can help you with your personal and business tax returns. Please bring or upload one previous tax year.
Can you look at my previous tax years for credits and deductions I may have missed?
Yes, just bring them with you to the appointment or upload them using the Upload Files button in your account page on our website. Login using your cell phone and take pictures of all your pages to upload is easier. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HOW TO UPLOAD PAPERS
Can I change my account information?
Yes, simply visit your account and make changes. If blocked, please send us an email using our Contact Us page with the changes you wish to make and we will make them for you. We service all USA states with their tax refunds.