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Business Startups

Business Registration & Website Startups

Need help registering a new business? We can open your LLC, S Corp, or Sole Proprietorship business. Need help with bookkeeping? We have solutions to help you grow your business without all the hassle. Need a Website For Your Business? We will customize a Website to fit your business the way you want.

Register a Business

Choosing between LLC, Corps, or Sole Proprietorship can be confusing. We can help!

LLC – This protects your personal assets as a single or multi members. Taxes will pass through and be paid on personal taxes. LLC needs to pay quarterly state taxes.

Corps – This protects your personal assets. You will pay taxes at business side and personal side. Corps needs to pay quarterly state taxes. 

Sole Proprietorship – Your personal assets are not protected. You will only pay taxes on your personal returns. No quarterly state taxes required.

Fee is $300

Business Registration & Startups
Business Registration web design

Start a Business Website

Need a Website For Your Business? Start your website right! Make fewer mistakes and get your business looking great from the beginning. You are not ALONE!

We will customize a Website to fit your business the way you want. Then, teach you how to use it and edit your info. Logo design and google search are included.

Fee is $250

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We are dedicated and happy to prepare your federal and state income tax returns. We’ll even review prior years prepared by you or another tax preparation company. Then, we’ll notify you of any missed deductions or credits you didn’t get back. We’ll sit down and discuss your personal situation in complete confidentiality, making you feel right at home at TaxRecover.

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